Audits Management

  • Are your audits becoming harder to run using Word or Excel?
  • Are you paying over the odds for audit software?
  • Do you want a quick and easy solution?

Now you can create and run custom built audits in the MY Compliance Management software. Build your audits and then run them as many times as you need, recording the results each time which leaves you with a history of all the audit data that has been collected.

Choose whether you want to Create a simple audit or a full audit depending on how much detail you require before completion. You can add automatic pass/fail rates, response sets, create custom criteria, and even add your own fields

Schedule Audits for any user and track completion rates and responses. Don’t forget our signature tool at the end of an audit to ensure you’re holding others accountable!

Set yourself an Audit schedule and don’t worry about reminding yourself. ‘Why remember yourself when our system can do it for you?’ Have you got to many audits to handle and want a way to separate them?  “Audit types” essentially splits all your audits into groups saving you time and having your audits at the click of a finger.

Did you know? Another great feature we offer is the MY Audits mobile app! This is included as part 
of the pricing for this system which means that the audits can be completed anywhere, even offline
making it more versatile and bringing the ability to complete them on the go.