Substance Inventory

  • Use a SDS sheet from our database or add your own with our PDF reader. 
  • Store all of your SDS sheet's in one place and separate them by location
  • With the click of a button, add your substance to your risk assessment

Ensure you can keep everything in one place with our brand new Substance Inventory module. Sift through our database to find a SDS that's already been added, or add your own using our Upload PDF function. 

You can view a COSHH Summary, see your Hazard & Transport codes come to life and see where you substances are being used through our Usage and History tab.

You can also now add your substance to a risk assessment using our Risk Assessment tool. Create your risk assessment and add your substance with the click of a button. 

Did you know? You can also now share your risk assessment once it's completed. Just type in an email address to send your assessment off.