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Company fined for release of natural gas and crude oil

A Hampshire-based energy company has been fined for releasing natural gas and crude oil.....

Added on: 03/06/2016

RR1055 – Modelling the economic impacts of an accident at major hazard sites

This report documents the development, implementation and results of a model to estimate the economic costs of accidents at major hazard sites in Great Britain, focusing on the impacts of the accident....

Added on: 14/08/2015

L111 – The Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015: Guidance on Regulations

This guidance is for anyone who has duties under the COMAH Regulations 2015, particularly operators of establishments, and also others such as local authorities and emergency planners. Although many d....

Added on: 12/06/2015

Industrial gas supplier fined after plant explosion leaves worker injured

A multinational industrial gas supplier based in Surrey has been fined after an explosion at one of its manufacturing plants in Bristol left a worker with life changing injuries. ....

Added on: 02/04/2015

Safety notice – Storage tank external floating roof

This safety notice stresses the importance of maintaining the integrity of the roof, including maintaining the buoyancy of the structure.....

Added on: 02/04/2015