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Collection: Defra: non-consolidated performance related pay

This collection brings together all documents about [department]’s spend on non-consolidated performance related pay.....

Added on: 29/06/2018

Collection: Wildlife Offers: Countryside Stewardship

4 Offers for farmers: find out about funding, benefits and how to apply.....

Added on: 01/06/2018

Collection: Environment Agency corporate scorecard

The corporate scorecard outlines the Environment Agency's performance against our corporate measures.....

Added on: 30/03/2018

Collection: Defra: spending over £500

All data on Defra spending over £500 with an electronic purchasing card solution (ePCS) since November 2017.....

Added on: 30/03/2018

Collection: Defra: departmental spending over £25,000

All data on departmental spending over £25,000 on a monthly basis.....

Added on: 30/03/2018

Collection: FAWC advice to government

Advice given to government by the Farm Animal Welfare Committee (and its predecessor Council).....

Added on: 30/03/2018

Collection: Defra senior officials’ business expenses, hospitality and meetings

All data on senior officials’ business expenses and hospitality, and the permanent secretary’s meetings with external organisations.....

Added on: 23/03/2018

Collection: Radioactive substances regulation (RSR) for non-nuclear sites

Environmental permitting of radioactive material and radioactive waste at non-nuclear sites in England.....

Added on: 16/03/2018

Collection: Defra: workforce management information

Documents relating to workforce management information summary data for Defra.....

Added on: 09/03/2018

Collection: Agreement holders’ information: Countryside Stewardship

Use these documents to meet the requirements for a Countryside Stewardship agreement.....

Added on: 02/03/2018

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