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Ejector seat manufacturer fined £800,000 for failing to protect workers’ health

An Uxbridge manufacturer of ejector seats has been fined £800,000 after three workers developed debilitating lung conditions.....

Added on: 16/12/2016

Accident repair company fined for failure to comply

An accident repair company has been fined after it failed to comply with an improvement notice. Swansea Magistrates’ Court heard DM Accident Repair Centre Limited of Neath had a routine inspection b....

Added on: 11/12/2015

INDG249 – Controlling health risks from rosin (colophony)-based solder flux fume (rev1)

This document is primarily for employers but will also be useful to employees and h&s professionals. It gives advice and guidance on how to protect employees from the risk of ill health caused by ....

Added on: 25/09/2015

HSG251 – Fumigation: Health and safety guidance for employers and technicians carrying out fumigation operations (2nd edition)

This guidance outlines the real risks and describes the law that applies to fumigation operations. This edition updates references to legislation and links to further guidance. It also gives a clearer....

Added on: 14/08/2015

Fumigation – frequently asked questions

New fumigation web page and FAQs primarily for employers and fumigation technicians (including the self-employed) to help them comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 200....

Added on: 14/08/2015

Welding – risk to respiratory health from fume exposure

The Welding Fume Team (WFT) was established by HSE in 2010 and has a broad membership with representatives from across a range of interests. The WFT works together to raise awareness of the respirato....

Added on: 14/08/2015

Public consultation – changes to petroleum legislation

This consultation seeks views on HSE’s proposals to consolidate and modernise the petroleum legislative framework in GB. The new regulatory structures will, where practicable, simplify the current l....

Added on: 02/04/2015

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