Action Tracking

  • Track all actions through to completion so nothing gets missed
  • Flexible enough to record/capture any data
  • Identify areas for improvement quickly and clearly with custom reporting/dashboards

View in action

With our Action module you can take control of your workplace by tracking all actions and tasks assigned to any user, keeping your workforce engaged and staying on top of your compliance.

With our action module you can: 

  • Take control of your workforce by setting tasks/actions
  • Categorise your actions into groups for clearer reporting
  • Set an Action ‘On the go’ with our mobile app MYActions
  • Hold colleagues accountable with our full history overview
  • Automatically escalate an action if it’s not completed on time
  • Customise your form to allow for better recording and reporting using our custom fields.
  • Identify trends using our custom report tool to drive improvement
  • Link actions across most modules for example; back to your ISO internal audit, Incident report and the NCR process. 

From simple task setting to investigating Incidents our Actions module can be tailored to your business to ensure your holding your colleagues accountable. Our Action dashboards provide clear easy to read displays showing what, when and who currently has open or overdue actions. 

Email notifications and on-screen alerts on action creation so you can be sure they are seen and then completed as requested, keeping history logs are kept for compliance.

Add a document/image on creation or prior to completion, you can even make it mandatory to add a note when it’s completed.

Did you know? All actions can be recorded easily with our versatile new 
mobile app MY Actions included as part of the subscription.