Incident and Accident Reporting 

  • Identify trends with custom reports to minimise the chance of the incidents reoccurring.
  • Record more accurate and detailed information with the free MYincidents app as soon as the incident happens
  • Always know what’s happening and keep track of response times using the dashboards. 

View in Action

Health & Safety or Environmental, it is vital that all incidents and accidents whether actual, near miss or potential, must be reported accurately and within a specified time limit. As part of the process of continual improvement, it is important that all incidents and accidents are recorded, investigated, and actions are taken to prevent or reduce the chance of recurrence. 

My Compliance Management allows you to record all incidents/accidents and to collect the required information to conduct investigations. Use your own language/terminology to create registers, areas, incident types, root causes and severity to meet with your own unique requirements. Capture the information in our standard form for simplicity or add your own fields if something is missing to customise it further.

Now more than ever, it's crucial for organisations to respond quickly to an incident, effectively resolve it, and prevent it from recurring in the future. The Incident module enables your organisation to promptly report and record an incident, instantly notify personnel with corrective/preventive action tasks, track the completion of those tasks and then analyse and trend your performance results over time. Designed to meet and exceed incident reporting requirements of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 45001, this user-friendly application manages the entire incident lifecycle from beginning to end.

Did you know? We also give the opportunity to do report incidents offline and on the go with the 
MY Incidents app, with this app you can record an incident as soon as it happens and add images directly
through your device.