Legislation Updates

  • Legislation updates tailored to you 
  • Email alerts to relevant users
  • Effortlessly add amendments and new items to your legal register 

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There are many reasons that you need to keep abreast of legislation changes. It might be to keep a legal register for ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, or ISO 45001, or it might simply be to ensure you are not operating illegally.

Keeping up to date on the latest legislation can be very time consuming. Most of our clients were fed up of wasted time searching the internet for changes to relevant legislation only to be bogged down by jargon and irrelevant information?

Let MY Compliance Management do the hard work for you, each year we review thousands of items of legislation and notify our clients immediately, but only with the amendments, new items or revocations that affect them.

You can build a legal register in a matter of minutes, include the chapters and tags for the legislation that relates to your industry and company, and which countries (England, Wales, Scotland, N.Ireland,) you wish to include plus some additional EU legislation too.

Your legal register will move to our requirements module where you can manage each item of legislation, carry out reviews, add documents, set actions, raise a non-conformance, and view links to direct access to legislation.gov for further information.

Ensure you are always audit ready and operating within the law.

Features of the legislation module include:

  • Email alerts to any user when amendments to legislation occur
  • Build a legal register in a matter of minutes
  • Quickly refresh your register to widen your scope if required
  • Dashboards for a clear overview of your compliance
  • Calendar to view when legislation comes into force
  • Updates to our legislation database every four hours
Did you know? Our legal registers support hundreds of clients up and down the country, they have been 
scrutinized by HSEQ professionals and recommended by auditors.