MY Incidents

The MY Incidents app is a very clean, simple and efficient app to use, it gives you the opportunity to record incidents, accidents, near misses and anything else on the go straight from your phone as soon as they happen.

By being able to record them instantly increases the amount of data being recorded while it's still fresh in your mind and therefore ensures you get all the information required and a higher level of accuracy.

Even without a wi-fi or mobile signal you can still record the incident and as soon as you have a data connection you can upload them straight to the portal.

Email alerts are automatically sent on upload to the relevant users to ensure everyone is always up to date with what's going on.

Create custom incident forms using our MY Compliance Management portal and sync these to your mobile device.

Add evidence quickly and easily by taking images and add from your mobile gallery directly through the app.

Available for both Android and Apple with the links below: