Assets Management

  • Save 100’s of man hours chasing certificates for your assets.
  • Keep track of expiries with automated reminders – Let us do the work for you.
  • Everything in one place – get access to your Asset information, certificates and audits all in one place!

Our Asset module is designed to make your life easier. In our system you can have unlimited amounts of assets with the ability to separate them by type or by register. 

Within our asset module you can:

  • Have all your information in one place using our registers
  • Award your Asset the latest requirements storing your certificates against the Asset making you compliant
  • Set automated custom reminders to save you 100’s of man hours in updating and chasing your requirements.
  • Ensure you can delegate by assigning your assets and alerts to your managers using our user groups!
  • Run customised audits on your assets awarding everything in one place and showing best compliance practice!


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