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Customer Support Policy

1. Purpose 

1.1 To achieve and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction through continued support, training and communication.

1.2.  To standardise, plan and manage all customer accounts.  

2. Customer Support Process

2.1 The Customer will receive initial contact by Customer Support Team to organise a Customer Support Plan (CSP).

2.2 Customer Support Manager (CSM) will complete CSP with the Customer to identify targets & agreed objectives/actions (45-60 min call). This is delivered over Microsoft Teams and using our Audit template.

2.3 The CSM and Customer will agree frequency of calls. We provide unlimited support (Subject to our Fair Use statement)

2.4 The CSM will offer Teams calls to provide training to key users (Account Administrators and/or MY Compliance Champions).

2.5 The Customer will be offered regular account ‘Health Checks’ to review their CSP, and their progress against their objectives defined in their CSP.

2.6 The Customer will have access to MY Compliance Management E learning modules to support their onboarding for the system using Thinkific -

3.  Ongoing Support

3.1  The Customer will receive regular contact from their CSM to see how they are getting on with their account. The contact will be in the form of telephone call and/or email.

3.2 As stated in our Terms of service, while there is an Automatic Renewal process, the Customer Support Team will contact the customer at 30 to 90 days before renewal to ensure the customer is happy to continue their subscription and renew for a further 12 months.

3.3 The Customer will be provided with Best Practise webinar’s provided by the MYC team. Any users within the Customers account can register to attend these webinars

3.4 Customers will be invited to attend our Annual User Forum event for workshops/networking and various other sessions organised by the MYC team.


4.1 Communication method and frequency which forms part of CSP should be appropriate for the Customer, the situation and the CSM in order to achieve the Customers intended outcomes. Communication will include, but is not limited to:  

4.1.1 E-mail  

4.1.2 Telephone  

4.1.3 Screen sharing software  

4.1.4 Online support ticket i.e. MY Advisor

4.1.5 Social media platform (Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn)  

5.  Reviewing the CSP and Scope 

5.1  A review of a CSP and/or scope can be requested at any time by the Customer throughout their subscription. This may include: 

5.1.1.  changes to their intended outcomes as objectives are met 

5.1.2.  change of personnel and account user levels 

5.1.3.  new persons are added to the plan 

5.1.4.  frequency and method of communication 

5.2  An automatic review date will be agreed with the Customer during the initial CSP; normally and by default for the 11th month of the Customers subscription. 

5.3 The review will include, but is not limited to: 

5.3.1. Measure of achievement against the Customers objectives to reach intended outcomes of the CSP 

5.3.2. Overview of training sessions 

5.3.3. Account activity 

5.3.4.  Subscription renewal agreement 

5.3.5. Creation and agreement of a new scope and CSP 

6. Monitoring  

6.1 Monitoring of all CSP’s will be carried out by a CSM and supported by top management.  Processes will be established to ensure all CSP’s are continually reviewed internally to ensure they are appropriate to achieve the Customers objectives and intended outcomes.  

6.2 A copy of the CSP will be provided to the Customer once agreed with their CSM  

6.3 Online support request forms (e.g. MY Advisor) will provide the Customer and CSM with a trackable system to request help and advice in using the system, additional user feedback and system issue reports.  

6.4 The customer can also initiate a web chat from our website in which the Support Team will respond to.

7.  Customer Feedback 

7.1. We are continuously looking at ways to improve our products and new great ideas for future development projects. This Support Service Policy has been created as part of the commitment to provide the Customer with new and exciting ways meaning that we can work together to improve our systems and we are always open to our customer’s suggestions. 

7.2.  The Customer can report system issues & development requests to MY Compliance Management via MY Adviser or directly with their CSM These will be tracked internally monitored through our CRM to ensure they are followed up on and actioned.

7.3     Alternatively, customers can use the following methods to get in touch: 

7.3.1. MY Advisor module in our MY Compliance Management portal 

7.3.2. Telephone – 01726 216996 

7.3.3. Email –

7.3.4 Post  to MY Compliance Management Ltd, 6a Clarence Street, Chorley, PR7 2AT.

7.4   Our working & supported hours are Monday to Friday, 09:00hrs to 17:00hrs (Excluding Bank holidays and reduced hours over the Christmas Period) 


Unlimited Customer Support Fair Use Statement

Support is only provided within the defined working hours in 7.4

For account administrators and MYC Champions, where possible, we will try to provide a Teams training call for approx. 1 hour per week if needed, there are no limits to the number of these sessions a customer can request.

If more than 1 a week is required we will do our best to accommodate this request but cannot guarantee availability and increased frequency.

Support can be requested by user of the system.

Unlimited access to telephone, email and web chat support when needed during operating hours defined in section 7.4

The customer can access help guides and videos in the Help? Section and through MY Advisor 24 hours of the day.

The customers key users (currently Account Administrators and MY C Champions, with a view to expand this to managers soon) can access the E-Learning platform 24/7 once registered within an active account.

Individual training sessions are only for MY Compliance Champions and/or account administrators. Other users may receive training at the discretion of the CSM.