I have more people I need to have access to my system but they don't need access to everything.. How do we do this?

External User’s is a new cost-effective approach of giving your colleagues who don’t need full access to the system more ability through the MY Compliance Management portal.  An External user can get access to log an Incident, NCR and view a requirement without being a registered user.  

They can then register an incident/NCR via a webpage (link) or via our mobile app which will enable them to scan their generated QR code and enter their name to log an Incident/NCR.   

Requirements - You can now grant access to your company policies, procedures, ISO standards, Templates etc using our External Access. Provide a link for your colleagues to get access to the register with access to the documents related to it. 

Incidents - Grant your external users access to log an incident into a register using a link. Or, you can now use our mobile app by scanning a QR code to gain access. Your external user's can log an incident and add their evidence! You can keep control of your system while giving responsibility to your colleagues. 

Non Conformance's - Much like out Incident module you can grant your external users access to a NCR 'Type' and allow them to log an NCR using the link provided or our mobile app! 

You can share your register link with any colleague over email or download a picture of our QR code and send it out to your colleagues to use! 

Get in touch with your Customer Support Team for a live demonstration and quote on the most cost effective solution for your colleague reporting.





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