Can non-users access information or report in to MY Compliance Management?

You can expand your use of the system to anyone outside of your standard user base using External Access. This can be for employees, clients, contractors or members of the public.

External Users are included in the subscription at £1850 per annum. In the standard package you have 500 external access users (you can increase this as needed) and as you don't need to assign access individually they are very flexible to your organisations needs.

An external access user doesn't need an email address and won't receive notifications from MY Compliance Management but they can do all of the following:

  • Report Incident/Near miss etc (via MY Incidents mobile app / QR code / web link)
  • Report NCR (via MY NCR mobile app / QR code / web link)
  • View Asset (via QR code)
  • Report an NCR against an Asset (you can control the types of NCR available to external users)
  • View an Assets Register (via web link)
  • View a trainees record for valid training (via QR code)
  • View a Requirements register containing documents, policies, procedures etc (via web link)
  • Sign a Permit to work (via QR code / web link)
  • View Risk Assessment (via QR code)

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