What MY Compliance Management has achieved for our customers

MY Compliance Management Ltd has customers all over the globe from London to Panama and Tasmania to Aberdeen.

We support the compliance of all industries with customers like the largest copper mine in the world; to the worlds best known bakers Mr Kipling, harbours, fishing, offshore wind/oil and gas, restaurants, councils, housing trusts, wildlife trusts, schools & universities; and well known brands including IKEA, Vauxhall, NCP, Balfour Beatty and many more; you name it we can support it.

Some amazing stats from our client base of over 11,000 users:

  • One company recorded over 15,000,000 man hours without a Lost Time Incident 
  • A harbour trust saved the equivalent of 2 external audit days on their 3 ISO's using one module alone to the value of £1800/pa
  • Another customer was able to reduce 2 admin roles in to one job share - saving one whole salary a year
  • An engineering firm saved 60 man hours a week just using the auditing module

Our system has been used to record, track and manage over 20,000 incidents, 40,000 actions and non-conformance's, and 1000's of training records.

With 15 modules, 5 mobile apps and a dedicated Customer Support Manager for all on-boarding and training you won't find better value than £1250/year.

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