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Adding Audit Criteria

Available for user levels:

  • Account Adminstrator
  • Manager

To add Criteria to an Audit:

  1. View the Audit you would like to add Criteria to
  2. Click the 'Criteria' button at the top of the overview page
  3. Click the 'Add Criteria' button
  4. Add the Criteria and the details of what the auditor should look for
  5. Click Save

If the Audit is not a Simple Audit you can also set Response options for a user.

To do this:

  1. Click the 'Responses' button next to the Criteria you would like to add the options to
  2. Click 'Add Response'
  3. Select the Response Option you would like to add the Reposne to e.g. Pass, Fail, Not Assessed
  4. Add the Response and click Save

When a user runs the Audit if they select a Response which has Response Options they will be able to automatically populate the notes with that Option.

See also:

  • Managing Audit Criteria

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