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Action Tracking

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Managing My Actions

Available for user levels:

  • Account Adminstrator
  • Manager

Above, is the screen you should see when entering Actions. You can see on the right hand side you can then view ‘My Actions’ if any have been assigned to you or create a ‘New Action’. You can also select 'Action Schedules' to see any actions that are upcoming.

Here, you can see My Actions, this is all the actions assigned to you as a user. My actions are a way of reviewing and managing your open/overdue actions. 

Managing an Action

You can now – View the action (Green icon), Edit the action (Dark Blue icon) , Complete the action (light blue icon) and delete the action (red icon).

If you now view your action created, you can see all the action details and also:

Create Action notes – This enables you to add any updates on the action or any information that relates to you.

Documents – This option allows you to upload a file, this may be of a policy/procedure or a picture relating to the action.

History – The reason we have a history in each of our modules is to be able to show due diligence to our auditors.


Send Reminder Icon – At the top of the page you can send a reminder out for this action to the owner and assignee. This will send an email and notification to the user. 


From here you can also export a PDF or CSV file with your action information.