When does LOLER apply to waste and recycling equipment?

Added on: 31/08/2017

LOLER applies to lifting equipment provided for use as work equipment. Lifting equipment comprises any machinery used for lifting and lowering loads, and includes any supports or anchoring fixtures. It also applies to lifting accessories, which are pieces of equipment used to attach the load to lifting equipment, thereby providing a link between the two.

LOLER requires lifting equipment and accessories to be marked with the Safe Working Load (SWL) and/or a Working Load Limit (WLL) and be subject to statutory periodic 'thorough examination'. Equipment capable of lifting people should be thoroughly examined every six months. Records must be kept of all thorough examinations and any defects found must be reported to the person responsible for the equipment. If the defect is (or could become) a danger to people, then the relevant enforcing authority must also be notified. In addition all work equipment will require maintenance under PUWER regardless of whether it needs a thorough examination under LOLER.

Examples of how and when LOLER thorough examinations applies to plant and equipment commonly used within the Waste and Recycling Industry include:

Type of plant/equipment Thorough Examination required Maximum frequency
Bottle/trolley jacks Yes 12 months
Cranes Yes 12 months (Accessories - 6 months)
De-pollution rig (automatic type that physically lifts vehicles) Yes 12 months
6 months if persons lifted in vehicle
De-pollution rig (static type where vehicles are lifted onto it using other equipment) No But equipment used to lift vehicle should be thoroughly examined
Fork Lift Trucks Yes 12 months
High Lift Cabs Yes 6 months
Hook Loaders (including Roll-on Roll-off  RORO) Yes 12 months
Hoist wires (e.g. attached to bottle bank etc.) No N/A
Material Handlers (e.g. 360o excavators) permanently fitted with grabs, forks, magnets etc. Yes 12 months
Material Handlers (e.g. 360o excavators) fitted with detachable grabs, forks or magnets etc. Yes Handler = 12 months
Detachable accessories = 6 months
Refuse Collection Vehicles hoisting mechanisms Yes 12 months
Shovel loaders (that lift materials) Yes 12 months
Skips/containers No N/A
Skip loaders Yes 12 months
Accessories = 6 months
Two/four post vehicle lift Yes 12 months
6 months if persons lifted in vehicle
Telehandler Yes 12 months