New Version 1.8.1

Added on: 16/06/2017

After many months of hard work and taking on board all of our users feedback we have finally finished our latest version of the MY Compliance Management portal.

Here are some of the new key updates:


We have given the Audits module a big overhaul following our users feedback. The new version makes audits easier to run with a better display and more logical layout. There is also the option to pre-populate responses to make audits quicker and simpler for the audit team.

'Simple Audits' also now have the option of including responses other than just 'Passed' and there is the option for both Simple and Full Audits to record findings and notes.

Full list of updates in the Audit module:

  • Pre-define responses to Audit Criteria

  • Statement on closing of an audit

  • New view at end of audit showing all audit data, also reflected in PDF report

  • Dashboard view for Audit stats

  • Notes option on Simple Audit

  • Quarterly scheduling option

  • User control by user group on Audits

  • Selectable Response for Simple Audit

  • Improved Audit layout to make running audits easier and Audit data more accessible

  • Pass rate and score shown on completion of Simple Audit

  • PDF Reports differentiate between Simple and Normal Audits

Actions and Non-Conformance Reports

Both of these have been given more features, mainly that they can now be grouped together and access can be controlled within an account. Actions has a new feature 'Action Groups' and NCR's have the new feature 'Type'.

Both Action Groups and NCR Types can be 'made private' allowing access by user groups and users can also view Actions or NCR's in a particular group/type.

Actions now also has the new functionality of being able to add multiple users to a new action. When saved this will create a new action for each user, removing the need to manually create duplicate actions for each person.

Full NCR's and Actions updates:


  • New Feature: Create Action Groups
  • New Feature: Restrict access to Action Groups
  • New Feature: View Dashboard for Action Groups
  • New Feature: Assign multiple users when creating and action to create multiple actions

Non-Conformance Reports

  • New Feature: Create NCR 'Types' to group reports together
  • New Feature: Dashboards for each NCR Type
  • New Feature: Assign groups to Types to control who should receive notifications for new reports


We have now added the ability to review the 'Tags' in a legal register and update or amend them as required. This will allow users to manage the updates they receive.

We have also changed the way updates are sent out so that they are country specific based on your register selections. This means that users can decide if they want to see updates from other countries.

For a full breakdown of the release notes click the 'Full Story' link below