Version 1.8 Release Notes

Added on: 31/01/2017

We have been working very hard again to bring you our latest version of MY Compliance Management and it is now ready for release. The new version will be uploaded to the live environment over the weekend on 4th February and will include a whole host of new features and enhancements.

The full list can be found by logging into your MY Complinace Management account and clicking the 'View Full Story' link below but some of the headlines are:

Customisable Dashboard Graphs
We regularly receive feedback about how to improve the system and one of the main comments was more customisation on the Dashboards. The new version includes the ability to customise graphs for type, size and date range as well as deciding if you would like to show it on the dashboard for that modules and register. You can also add graphs to your main dashboard so that you see them when you log in.

Account Admin can 'hide' modules
This won't disable modules as there are many ways in which certain modules interact. However, Account Admin users can now 'hide' modules from users of they do not want them to use them. Look under 'Settings->Options' to see how to do this.

Assets Manager - No Reminders Option
This allows users to create Assets and add requirements but turn off individual alerts for requirements reminders and overdue notifications. This makes the module more flexible and allows it to be used for a wider reaching number of assets

Training Manager - Add a certificate to training if it was not added at time of awarding training
Sometime training was carried out but the certificate was not received. Now you can award training and go back later and upload the certificate without having to re-ward the training.

We have made a number of changes to the Risks module. Namely that when a Risk Assessment was created any notes or documents where not added. Now they are carried across and you can customise them for each risk to add job/site specific information and photos. Images are also shown in the report now as well making it easier to communicate information. Finally, we also added an acceptance sheet at the end of Risk Assessment PDF's and Risk PDF's.

Incident Reports
Again a number of improvements and new features such as the ability to Bulk Archive closed reports from previous years. We have also given Account Admin the ability to search for reports by Person allowing you to view reports that have been created by, reported by or involve a person. We have added an additional email and alert on closed reports as this closes the loop from the email when a report is created and we have added more functionality to 'unclose' a report if more information is added at a later date.