Welcome to our Webinar Scheduling page. Below you will see a list of our 2021 planned webinar's to be able to put in your diary and dial in at your convenience.

Module Covered Date of Webinar Link to register
Audits Module 16/06/2021 Register now
Legislation - How to build a Legal Register 14/07/2021 Register now
Incidents & Non Conformance Reports 18/08/2021 Register now
Aspects Module 15/09/2021 Register now
Assets Manager 13/10/2021 Register now


As well as the above webinars each month, we will be holding a separate webinar for each new update we release to the system so you can stay up to date with the latest features. 

If you would like a specific topic covered via a webinar you can contact us on support@my-compliance.co.uk for more details. 

Please note - All of our webinars will be recorded.