Special (health & safety) agents Forget Spectre, Bond has bigger problem with Health & Safety as they send in team after blasts on film set

Added on: 10/06/2019

JAMES Bond might finally have met his match — the Government’s Health and Safety Executive.

The organisation were dispatched to Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire on Tuesday after The Sun revealed how three explosions had torn through the world-famous set.

Officials from the agency started a formal investigation into the super-spy after the incident left one crew member in hospital and caused thousands of pounds’ worth of damage.

A Bond source said:

“Forget new villain Rami Malek, the only people putting the stoppers on 007 right now are the government suits.

“They marched in with their briefcases and told the Bond bigwigs they were investigating what had gone on.

“It takes a lot of put Bond in his place, but this lot have.”


A spokeswoman for the HSE, whose mission is “to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health”, said: “HSE is aware of the incident and making initial enquiries.”

A crew member was injured by falling debris on Tuesday when part of the roof was torn off the multi million-pound complex and the walls were blown out.

Sources said too much gas had been pumped into two canisters rigged with a detonator for an action scene that was meant to look like the inside of research laboratory Porton Down.

Film star Daniel Craig — who was on the set on Tuesday afternoon but away from the blasts — later inspected the damage and quipped: “It’s not going to blow up on me is it?