Case study: Reducing incidents in the workplace

Added on: 04/02/2016

Reducing Incidents using MY Compliance
Following a recent discussion with a new user of MY Compliance we discovered that within a very short period of time they had identified an underlying root cause for a high number of their recorded incidents, and implemented a companywide scheme that reduced them dramatically.

How did they do it?
The company already had an accident and incident reporting procedure in place, however it was based on word documents and a large excel spreadsheet. The system seemed to offer everything they needed, although it was time consuming to record and enter data. Although unknown by the user, this system made it difficult to identify the underlying causes of their incidents.

What changed?
The company reviewed the MY Compliance portal to review our legal register tool and to look at a way of speeding up data entry and management for their Incidents and Accidents.
Originally they took up the system for the legal compliance tools but once they started using the Incidents module they were able to reduce the time to record and analyse incidents.

What they found
Because incidents were reported more easily and analysed immediately, they very quickly saw on the automatically generated graphs in MY Compliance that a major root cause of incidents was behavioral issues with contracted workers.

The outcome
Within one month of using the Incidents module the company had implemented a companywide Behavioral Scheme aimed at ensuring all contracted workers were following company behavioral safety guidelines.

Incidents dropped dramatically shortly after, and the company continues to monitor them on a live basis to ensure the trend continues.

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