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Research and analysis: Peat usage in growing media production

Data on composition of growing media supplied for amateur and professional use horticultural markets.....

Added on: 07/12/2018

Research and analysis: Bathing waters in England: compliance reports

Reports setting out the annual bathing water classifications in England.....

Added on: 16/11/2018

Research and analysis: Radioactivity in Food and the Environment (RIFE) reports

Annual assessment reports of radioactivity in food and the environment and the public's exposure to radiation.....

Added on: 26/10/2018

Research and analysis: Farm animal genetic resources (FAnGR): technology review

The farm animal genetic resources (FAnGR) committee's review of current and new technologies, including genomics.....

Added on: 12/10/2018

Research and analysis: Carrier bag charge: summary of data in England

A summary of the data on single-use plastic carrier bags in England.....

Added on: 28/09/2018

Research and analysis: Bovine TB: badger control policy value for money analysis

Information and analysis of the costs and benefits of extending badger control to additional areas.....

Added on: 14/09/2018

Research and analysis: West nile virus in owls in Germany

Preliminary outbreak assessment for west nile virus found in owls (Strix nebulosa) in Halle, Lower Saxony.....

Added on: 07/09/2018

Research and analysis: African swine fever in pigs in Central and Eastern Europe

Preliminary outbreak assessment and updated situation assessment for African swine fever in Central and Eastern Europe.....

Added on: 07/09/2018

Research and analysis: Pesticide residues in food: quarterly monitoring results for 2018

Results from the quarterly monitoring programme to check UK grown and imported food for pesticide residues.....

Added on: 07/09/2018

Research and analysis: London basin chalk aquifer annual status report

The Environment Agency reports each year on groundwater levels in the chalk aquifer beneath London.....

Added on: 24/08/2018

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