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NHS trust fined £1m following 53-year-old man’s death in Lincolnshire

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust has been fined following the death of 53-year-old John Biggadike at Pilgrim Hospital in Boston.....

Added on: 08/09/2017

Care worker imprisoned after the death of service user

Nikki Deaney, a former care worker at Springwood Day Centre, has been sentenced after the death of service user Majid Akhtar.....

Added on: 24/03/2017

National furniture company fined £1m for safety failings

DFS Trading Limited has been fined after safety failings which led to serious neck and head injuries of a worker.....

Added on: 24/03/2017

Sentence after historic home butler fatally crushed in lift incident

The operators of one of Britain’s most iconic stately homes have been sentenced after a domestic servant was crushed to death by a lift.....

Added on: 24/03/2017

Crisp company fined for safety failings

A Northamptonshire company who manufacture crisps and snacks has been fined after an agency worker lost the tops of three fingers.....

Added on: 24/02/2017

Fairground death leads to court for amusement company

A fairground company have been prosecuted after an employee was run over and killed while setting up a ride.....

Added on: 16/12/2016

Company fined after teenage work experience person injured

A supplier of industrial equipment based in Newcastle has been fined after a work experience person on their first was injured.....

Added on: 16/12/2016

Concrete company fined after worker suffers head injuries

A concrete company in Ilkeston, has been fined a worker after a worker suffered head injuries.....

Added on: 25/11/2016

Testing Services firm fined over worker’s CO death

A Nottingham based company has been fined after a worker died from carbon monoxide poisoning while using an accommodation unit.....

Added on: 25/11/2016

A rocket motor company fined for safety failings

An engineering company in Worcestershire, has been fined more than £380,000 for safety failings.....

Added on: 29/07/2016

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