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Plant hire firm fined after worker tipped from lifting basket

A lifting and plant hire company in Wick has been fined after a worker was seriously injured when he fell from a man riding basket.....

Added on: 27/05/2016

Company fined after agency worker seriously injured

A Suffolk cargo handling company has been fined £100,000 after an employee suffered serious injury when a sheet of marble weighing one tonne fell on him. ....

Added on: 20/05/2016

CD278 – Consultation on the revision of the Freight Containers Regulations 1984

This document sets out proposals to amend the Freight Containers (Safety Convention) Regulations 1984 to give effect to amendments made to the International Convention for Safe Containers 1972. In the....

Added on: 22/01/2016

Ports and docks website and guidance update

The ports and docks website has been updated to include the following resources: Safety in docks ACOP (L148), Freight container approval – Arrangements in Great Britain (the Green Guide) and Fre....

Added on: 02/04/2015